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Upgrading your CLM system? – Definitive checklist.

Upgrading the IBM CLM solution is sometimes received as complex and users struggle with it. Yesterday I was notified that there was a blog from a colleague providing a check list that helps making this easier and more likely successful. … Continue reading

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How to filter RTC email notifications by project or by user

Spamming the in-boxes of your project with notification mails? This is a reblog of Marks internal blog. The RTC Mail Filtering Problem A common requirement for Rational Team Concert administrators is the need for limiting email notifications for a single … Continue reading

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Alien Skies II – JavaScript Yet Another Computer Language?

I tried to look into Web UI Development, especially in the context of RTC Extensions like dashboards and the like several times in the past. I couldn’t get it to fly. It was a total disaster so far. I couldn’t understand … Continue reading

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Publishing XML and Other Data With the WAS Liberty Profile

Since CLM now ships the WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile as default, you might want to be able to publish XML and other data similar to the easy way that was available in Tomcat, by just using the application server … Continue reading

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Creating Custom Link Types for Rational Team Concert

It can be useful to be able to create custom link types for RTC. This is Interesting if a special business logic/behavior needs to be implemented and the available link types don’t fit. How can this be done? It is … Continue reading

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Give Me A REST

Recently I worked with OSLC/REST and discovered a nice REST client that I find really useful. I thought I would share it with you here. If you have found tools that help you with this and want to share, please … Continue reading

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New Version – Does Your Backup Still Work?

Just upgraded? Does your backup really still work? Upgrading to new versions of the Jazz based Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution is important. However, the upgrade does not necessarily stop with the upgrade process. It is also very important to check … Continue reading

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