TLS1.1 and How to Make the EWM/RTC Extensions Workshop Work

I did not have to use the EWM Extensions workshop for a while. But recently I wanted to look into the API and noticed that I was unable to work with my setup for the EWM Extensions Workshop. I was unable to connect to the Jetty based debug system

  1. Using a browser
  2. Using an Eclipse client

Both issues are due to the fact that the built in Jetty only supports TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.1 is no longer supported by the current web browsers and it is also disabled in the most recent Java Versions. I have created defect 563338 for this issue. The work item describes a work around that I was able to find.

To allow Firefox to connect to the Jetty debug server, type about:config into the search/URL field. Agree to the disclaimer and open the Advanced Properties. Find and change the setting security.tls.version.min to 1.

Find and change the setting security.tls.version.min to 1.

You are now again able to log into the Jetty based debug server at https://localhost:7443/jazz/ again.

To be able to connect an Eclipse based client to the server, requires to allow Java to use TLS1.1 again. Go to the JRE folder jre\lib\security open the file Remove TLSv1.1 from the jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms setting.

Make sure that this Java version is used to run the Eclipse you want to connect to the debug server. If you want to run with an external Eclipse, make sure to set the VM setting to the modified Java vm. If you want to run an Eclipse debug client from within the Eclipse development environment, make sure to add the modified Java to the Installed JREs in the preferences. and set the JRE to active. Make sure this Java is used in the build path when you start the Eclipse client.

I tested this with the 7.0.2SR1, but it should work with previous versions as well.

As always, I hope this helps users out there with their work.


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