The Work Item Command Line is now Open Source

To allow customers to use and share the WorkItem Command Line freely, it has now been released under the MIT License.

Access the Source Code

The code is available in the Jazz Community.



Released under the MIT License. See the License.txt and the license headers in the individual files.


The current version uploaded there contains the capabilities described in The RTC Work Item Command Line on Bluemix.

Additional Download

You can also download the latest version 4.0 here:

Please note, there might be restrictions to access Dropbox and therefore the code in your company or download location.

Usage and install

Please see the posts A RTC WorkItem Command Line Version 3.0.

For the general setup follow the description in A RTC WorkItem Command Line Version 2.

For usage follow the description in A RTC WorkItem Command Line Version 2 and in A RTC WorkItem Command Line Version 2.1. Check the README.txt which is included in the downloads.


The work item command line is now available on IBM Bluemix Dev Ops Services and can be accessed and worked on there.

6 thoughts on “The Work Item Command Line is now Open Source

  1. Thank you, Ralph! Your code and articles are so valuable for learning and working with the RTC API. I wanted to sign up and see if there was anyway I could help and by doing so learn more about the API but from what I can tell, DevOps BlueMix is a paid service. Am I missing the secret decoder ring or would I need to buy BlueMix before being able to interact properly with DevOps BlueMix?

    • Andy, the code is – currently – in an RTC SCM repository (version 5.0.2) on Bluemix Dev Ops Services. To access the code open the project and request access – I will grant it. The code is also attached here. The access to the data/repository is free.

      I have talked to other companies that heavily use my code and maybe they will bring it over to some other repository. I could not give in and put it in some GIT repo – sorry, I am an RTC Guy 8)

      I simply don’t have the bandwidth to maintain and test all this. I will try to integrate some changes from other colleagues if I can and then I hope others take over and create a community around it.

      PS: as a benefit, a lot more example code is in several components in that repository.

    • The file is part of the RTC Eclipse Client (rich client platform). Install the RTC Eclipse client using a plain zip or the P2 install and search the install folder hierarchy for*. You will find such a file in the plugins folder.

      • Hello Raph again,
        Thank you for your replay, I have another question:
        I create my main class in java and I would like to update the Workitem using WCL here is my code :

        public class Main {

        public static void main(String[] args) {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        ParameterList pl = new ParameterList();
        pl.addParameterValue(“repository”, “https://xxx.ttt.cccc.vvv/xx”);
        pl.addParameterValue(“user”, “ADjk”);
        pl.addParameterValue(“password”, “pass@rd”);
        pl.addParameterValue(“id”, “713576”);
        pl.addParameterValue(“internalState”, “On Hold”);
        ParameterManager pM = new ParameterManager(pl);

        UpdateWorkItemCommand upWorkItem = new UpdateWorkItemCommand(pM);
        try {
        } catch (TeamRepositoryException e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block


        I have this probleme :

        Exception in thread “main” java.lang.NullPointerException
        at cmd.Main.main(

        I wonder if I forgot a mandatory parameter,but from cmd it’s working well here is my command :
        wcl -update /ignoreErrors repository=”https://xxx.ttt.cccc.vvv/xx” user=ADjk password=pass@rd id=713576 internalState=” On Hold”

        I am waiting forward for your answer.
        thank you in advance

      • Sorry, but there you are on your own. It should be easy enough to find out where the nullpointer happens and why.

        I have also described how to extend the WCL, instead of calling it.

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