A RTC WorkItem Command Line Version 2.2

Creating links is not easy. Many things can go wrong.  Testing by a user showed that there was an issue with links between work items and build results. I found that I got the link direction wrong. I fixed that. Here is the updated source code.

Latest Version

See A RTC WorkItem Command Line Version 3.0 for the latest version.

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The post contains published code, so our lawyers reminded me to state that the code in this post is derived from examples from Jazz.net as well as the RTC SDK. The usage of code from that example source code is governed by this license. Therefore this code is governed by this license. I found a section relevant to source code at the and of the license.

Please also remember, as stated in the disclaimer, that this code comes with the usual lack of promise or guarantee.

On the other hand, you have the code and are able to add your own code to it. It would be nice to know what you did and how, if you do so.

Just Starting With Extending RTC?

If you just get started with extending Rational Team Concert, or create API based automation, start with the post Learning To Fly: Getting Started with the RTC Java API’s and follow the linked resources.

You should be able to use the code attached to this post in the development environment you set up in the Rational Team Concert Extensions Workshop and get your own extensions or automation working there as well.


You can download the latest version here:

Setup and Usage

Follow the description in A RTC WorkItem Command Line Version 2 and in A RTC WorkItem Command Line Version 2.1. Check the README.txt which is included in the downloads.

9 thoughts on “A RTC WorkItem Command Line Version 2.2

  1. This tool is really useful, Ralph! Support for the “Contributes To” linktype seems to be missing though.

    • Contributes To is just the other end of Tracks you have to create it from the other end. Remember, this is not a supported feature, this is a tool that I provide the community. If you need a feature, feel free to implement it and share the code. Having said that I was not able to create the CLM links like tracks from the other end. So I left it out. Use the related opposite end to create them.

      • Does it mean it supports only linktypes mentioned in readme.txt? Should I be able to create custom link and add it using command line?

      • Yes, that is the case. I spend hours creating that readme.txt to explain what it does. If you want it to support your own custom link types, you have the code and can extend it.

      • Thanks for clarification! I had to use CURL\REST for such automation purposes, it has no linktype restrictions. However, this apporach isn’t so easy-to-use and maintainable as WCL.

    • There is no promise of any maintenance for anything on this blog. The blog is meant to help others with examples that I usually develop out of curiosity or because I had a need to know the specific parts of the API. However, so far, I have tried to improve the quality of posts and maintaining them as time allows.

      I don’t think I have tested it with 6.x yet. I did not have a need. It was however developed with 4.0.x and I ran it against 5.0.2 and I have seen almost no API changes since 3.x. So I would expect it to work with 6.x.

      Since the code can be downloaded, if there were API changes, you could detect them and potentially fix the code.

      I use a newer version of this, which I will likely publish at some point in time, for importing work items from CSV for internal use, but the repository is still on 5.0.2 since the planned upgrade had to be delayed.

      But all said and done, I don’t have the time and resources to run all the tests to make sure it will always run. So the code is experimental.

  2. Hello,
    The company I work for is already using solutions provided by IBM (RTC, DOORS, RQM…). We have our dedicated licenses for these tools, however limited when it comes to running RTC through CLI. Would we need to purchase a separate license for using this plugin, or we are free to use without additional costs?
    Thank you!

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