Running the RTC Extensions Workshop With RTC 6.0

I ran a test to find out if the Rational Team Concert Extensions Workshop still works with RTC 6.0 using the RC1 build. This is what I found.


For RTC 6.0.1 see this post.


The RTC extensions workshop still runs with RTC 6.0 but you have to increase the memory available for the JUnit test to setup the development time repository database.

Detailed Findings

The workshop worked well, until in step 1.6 Test the Jetty Based Server Launch you create the development time repository database by running the JUnit test Launch.

The original setting is -Xmx256. With this setting I got a memory error in the JUnit test that creates the development time repository database.

Change the memory setting to -Xmx512 as shown below.

Memory Setting For JUnit launch

The second observation I made after successfully running the JUnit test was when I tried to launch the RTC Eclipse client in 1.7 Test the RTC Eclipse Client Launch. The Launch shows a missing bundle.

Eclipse Client launch Missing Bundle

This missing bundle does however not prevent you from running the launch and as far as I can tell at this point in time, the workshop is still working.


Since the memory footprint seems to be increasing at least for the JUnit test, keep this in mind for the other launches. If you run into memory errors, increase the memory settings for your launches. You can find the parameters to consider in the server.startup.bat file.

Additional Information

A user in the Forum pointed out that there is a service error in the server Status summary. You can see it below.

Service Error Test

This error has always been there, as far as I know. I think this is simply a test – the services seem to be just test services to test the error detection capability.


As always I hope this information helps users of the community in their work.


7 thoughts on “Running the RTC Extensions Workshop With RTC 6.0

  1. I tried to use the workshop with RTC 6.0, but the WorkshopSetup.bat file would not run. I received the error message:
    CRJAZ2343E The “User” license is incompatible with the “long string of hex digits” application that is requesting to check out the license. The license compatibility is “RationalEngineeringLifecycleManager-6.0 RationalEngineeringLifecycleManager-5.0 TRS Consumer Internal-6.0 TRS Consumer-Internal-5.0”

    When I had installed the server, there was no longer an Express Install option so I used the Evaluation Installation link. Then when I ran the Express Setup for the Tomcat server, the Assign Licenses page had a lot of license options with radio buttons. However the only one among them which I could select was for Collaborative Lifecycle Management. The RTC Developer license would not let me select it.

    I gave up and decided to use RTC 5.0.2 with the workshop. (Not that I can get that one working either. I’m searching for answers first)

    • I tried it with 6.0 and it works. You probably failed to enable the correct trieal license. You need Team Concert Developer as license. Carefully read the workshop. You can also upload the 10 Free Developer license. The one you use is never mentioed in the workshop and will not work.

      Please make sure you really carefully follow the instructions in the workshop if you want to be successful.

      And make sure to install the correct product.

    • I am pretty sure that you did not install the Jazz Team Server and the Change And Configuration Management Application. Instead you installed RELM.

      That won’t work you have to download and install the JTS and RTC (the CCM application) and the Evaluation license package.

    • Unfortunately, the developers that setup the Installation Manager installation procedue change how they group the selections and we get more and more components. I can not adjust the workshop for every release.

      I would advise to follow the install described for the ZIP version of RTC. Make sure you download Rational Team Concert and not a different product in any case.

  2. I had the same problem with the licenses in 5.0.2. The workshop says to Assign Licenses during server setup in step 13.v. However, the 10 Free Developer licenses are not imported until step 15. After completing step 15, I used the server UI to assign the RTC Developer license to the myadmin user to get past this problem.

    • You have evaluation licenses with the install and the workshop tells you to activate them. If you download the correct product and run the express setup, that step is more or less done for you as well. You have to make sure to download the right product install and follow the instructions.

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