Status History Presentation for RTC

Rational Team Concert (RTC) has a built-in feature to view the history of a work item. But especially for work items with many changes, it is hard to follow the Status of a work item over time. That’s why Lukas created the amazing Status History Presentation for RTC and published it in the DACH Jazz Community project. It shows all Status changes since the creation of the work item in form of a timeline in the RTC work item Web UI.

Follow the instructions in the Status History Presentation for RTC project to download and install the editor presentation server extension. The Open Source project also serves as a great example for how to write a custom editor presentation.

After installing this extension plug-in into your RTC instance (server side), you will be able to add a “Status History” presentation on your work item editors (WEB only). You can add this  presentation to a work item editor section for example the Quick Info section. Once the presentation is available it will

  • Show all state changes in a timeline
  • Show who did the state change
  • Show the number of days a work item was or is in a state
  • A Rich Hover shows additional information about the changes made together with the state change

Many thanks to the DACH Jazz Community for sharing their amazing work.


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