New Version – Does Your Backup Still Work?

Just upgraded? Does your backup really still work?

Upgrading to new versions of the Jazz based Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution is important. However, the upgrade does not necessarily stop with the upgrade process. It is also very important to check if the backup procedure still works and covers all required data.

Since RTC 1.0 was released, the Jazz based solutions have undergone several changes in the storage architecture, adding new applications, databases and index files that require back up.

Adjust and check the backup procedure for version 5.x.

Version 5.0 is another case where this happens. The Requirement Management application Rational Doors Next Generation now gets its own database storage and index files. Before version 5.o the JTS was used to store and index the RM data. It is important to add the database and the index file location to your backup.

In the Backup CLM Deployment Wiki page we try to explain the backup steps for your solution. The page has been updated for the version 5.0. Please carefully check if your upgrade still works. It is also a good idea to try a restore on a test system, to make sure your data is valid and can be used.