Using Reference Presentations to Create Links and Show Linked Work Items in RTC

I recently complained to our development that creating and displaying links between work items is too complex. I wanted a special presentation for that purpose. To my excitement I was instructed, that we have such a feature. Joy! This post explains how you use it.

I have done so much customization in RTC, that I was convinced I knew all of it already. Hubris! My bad. So there are things I haven’t done in RTC. I assume others also have not spotted this and I think it is worth blogging about.

Add a Presentation of Type References

To be able to show specific references (aka links) from the current work item to other items you basically have to add a new presentation to your editor presentation. On the Editor presentation editor select the section where you want to show the presentation and click Add Presentation….

The Presentation you want is a Non-Attribute-based Presentation. Choose this option and select References from the available set of choices.

In the Link Type selection drop down, select the reference (aka link type) you want to see and maintain here.

The image below shows the steps.

Add Reference Presentation

Use a Presentation of Type References

Once you have done that, you have a new presentation that will show only the references/links that qualify. It will also allow you to create new references/links from that dialog. The image below shows what you can do:

Use Reference PresentationSummary

This kind of presentation allows you to view and modify relationships in a more organized way on the work item editor and can help you understanding the relationships better, especially if the relationship represents important information in your object model.

As always I hope this information is useful to someone out there and helps using RTC more effective.