JMX Monitoring of a CLM Tomcat Server only with the CLM Webinterface

Stefan is doing some amazing work here and I think you might be interested. This is an example for server monitoring in a dashboard.

Steve Blog

[Update: Source Code now with Garbacollector]
Sometimes it is necessary to tackle down CLM performance issues. To monitor the OS resources like CPU, IO, Memory etc. is not really helpful, because Java is like a black box for an OS like LINUX. With JMX you can look “behind the scene”.

You can monitor the Heap, Threads, Memory and other things from a CLM  Tomcat Server. With the help of some JMX settings you can access this information with jconsole. jconsole is include in every Java JDK (not JRE) since 1.5.

But JMX has some disadvantages:

  • Only Java
  • Problems with firewalls. Especially Productive CLM server are in a protected environment, so it is nearly impossible to get access with your jconsole.
  • “All or nothing” protection

Today we will create a Open Social Widget that will show the amount of running Threads, Heapsize, CCM Requests and Garbage Collector with the help of JMX…

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Impacts of having Multiple CCMs in your RTC deployment

Tim and I would be really interested in any feedback you could provide on Tim’s blog post.

Tim Feeney's Blog on Jazz

My colleague Ralph Schoon ( and I are working on documenting the motivations, tradeoffs, pros and cons when deploying multiple instances of the same Jazz application. That is, cases where you have more than one CCM server and/or more than one QM server registered to the same JTS.

Our findings and guidance will eventually make its way to the Rational Deployment Wiki and an Innovate 2014 presentation. I wanted to begin to surface some of the findings now to perhaps uncover some things we haven’t yet.

Jazz allows Multiple CLM Applications

It is possible to deploy multiple instances of the same application each registered to the same JTS. Today this is possible for the Change Configuration Management (CCM) and Quality Management (QM) applications. The Requirements Management application does not yet support multiple instances yet, however, follow RM Plan Item 76315 to track progress towards that.

There are several…

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