RTC Process Enactment Workshop – Customize Attributes Using JavaScript

Almost all customers need to customize their RTC process, especially Work Items. Especially Attribute Customization, including JavaScript based customization is very popular on the Jazz.net forums. There are a lot of questions around how these customizations can be done and what is actually possible.

Since this is so popular Jim Ruehlin, Jorge Diaz and I made an effort to create a workshop that explains the concepts involved. The Process Enactment Workshop was published the first time in November last year. When it was first published we had finalized 4 labs.

  • Lab 1: Set Up the Process Enactment Environment
  • Lab 2: Understand the Process Development Lifecycle
  • Lab 3: Configuring Work Items
  • Lab 4: Work Item Customization

Lab 4 talks only about the Attribute Customization that can be done using the built in declarative customization.

Yesterday we published Lab 5. This Lab talks about Work Item Customization with JavaScript. The lab uses examples to explore the JavaScript related capabilities. We tried to pick some examples that would be close to requests we have seen in the forum. In addition there is a section about what can be done with JavaScript today – and what is not possible – as far as we can tell.

JavaScript Debugging is described in Millard’s Article on debugging JavaScript.

I hope we addressed interesting examples that help with real world challenges. It is possible to run the whole workshop and it should also help if you just read specific sections. Enjoy!


Jorge and Jim have their own blogs that provide interesting solutions and insight into using RTC and the Jazz based solutions.