Adding a check-in participant to Rational Team Concert source control

Rational Team Concert 6.0.4 tries to make the check-in operation available to advisors and follow up actions. Michael Valenta recently published an article on Adding a check-in participant to Rational Team Concert source control. on which provides details about … Continue reading

Watch Bartosz Chrabski on how to create Rational Team Concert – Advisor & Participant Extensions

If you are new to extending RTC, you might want to look at Bartosz Chrabskis post How to create Rational Team Concert – Advisor & Participant Extension (step by step) and the related video for creating a participant as well … Continue reading

Resolve Parent If All Children Are Resolved Participant

This post is about a Participant that resolves the parent work item, if all children are resolved. It is the example I used to understand the server API for manipulating work item states. I would probably not use it on … Continue reading

RTC Update Parent Duration Estimation and Effort Participant

I am helping users with questions in the forum  for quite some time now. One area where a lot of questions come up is around the API and how to extend Rational Team Concert. One very popular question, and really asked … Continue reading

DIY stream naming convention advisors

Organizations might be interested in enforcing naming conventions for streams or make sure that stream names must be unique. This post shows some simple example advisor that check for a naming convention and make sure the stream name is unique. … Continue reading

A component naming convention advisor

Organizations sometimes would like to implement naming conventions for components based on the architecture for example. This post shows a simple example advisor that checks for a naming convention. License The post contains published code, so our lawyers reminded me … Continue reading