Using a REST client to authenticate to ELM/CLM Applications

Recently the question how to authenticate to a ELM/CLM (aka Jazz) application came up in several occasions. I did not know the whole story either, so I had a look. Here is what I found. Update history 2019/05/14 Added Basic … Continue reading

Build Artifacts Publishing and Automated Build Output Management Using the Plain Java Client Libraries

The Jazz Build Engine is unfortunately very limited with respect to publish build results. Can this be done better? Is it possible to automatically move the data of special builds into artifact repositories? I have published some articles in the … Continue reading

Manage Scheduled Absences Using The PlainJava Client Libraries

I have seen questions in the forum around how to manage public holidays or other scheduled absences for a large user base. I have heard this kind of questions from others as well. And thought a solution would be … Continue reading

Delivering Change Sets and Baselines to a Stream Using the Plain Java Client Libraries

How does delivering change sets from a repository workspace work and how can I create baselines and deliver them? This post shows some of the Client API used to do this kind of operations. As described in the articles Deploying … Continue reading

Managing Workspaces, Streams and Components Using the Plain Java Client Libraries

How can I manage the streams, repository workspaces and components in a RTC project area using the Plain Java Clients Library? As described in the last post I want to automatically set up a project, manage the streams and components … Continue reading

Deploying Templates and Creating Projects Using the Plain Java Clients Library

How can the Rational Team Concert Extensions workshop be changed to be easier to use with newer versions of Rational Team Concert? This is a question that I was contemplating about since I picked up the maintenance of the workshop. … Continue reading