Jazz Community Contributions

The Jazz Community starts sharing their tools here: http://jazz-community.org/. The code for their tools can be found here.

There is a very active Jazz user community of members of several companies in Europe that are heavily using the Jazz products such as Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager and Doors Next Generation.

The community members try to meet to share their experience with using, administrating and running the Jazz tools in their environments. It became clear that the different companies and community members face similar challenges and that it would be beneficial if they could share tools they created to make running such an environment easier.

The community has now started sharing their tools in this community project and in this code repository.


Some of the tools have already been shared on other sites. I have linked the ones I am aware of to the Interesting links page in the ‘Extensions Provided by the Community’ section. These are the ones I am aware of (and the code for some of them is already available in the community repository):

I am looking forward to see more community created tools soon. Visit the community to find out what they have to offer. The code for their tools can be found here.

Last but not least, a special thanks to Dani for getting this awesome user groups started and for the members of said community for their spirit, engagement and willingness to contribute and help each other. You know whom I address here!

7 thoughts on “Jazz Community Contributions

  1. Sounds great!
    I think you should consider using gitlab.com instead of github.com. Using GitLab’s you get private repo for free and you also get built-in CI tool that’s seamlessly integrated to repo. There are more goodies in there. All is free.

    • GitHub has evolved as the de facto standard for Open Source projects over the last years. You’ll get unlimited public repositories and many third party integration (like Travis CI Builds) for free here as wall. The fact mentioned first was the main reason for us to publish our first projects to GitHub.

  2. Hi Ralph,

    I’d like to thank you for spreading the word about our recently opened Jazz Community page. Looking forward to see some awesome contributions from other Jazz users around the globe 🙂

    Lukas Steiger

    • Thanks Lukas for contributing and Guido and your company for letting you publish. I am looking forward to get inspired by the code – especially yours. You have helped to create some of the most awesome contributions I had the honor to see.

      I will bring over the Work Item Commandline as soon as I have some time.

      Hopefully others start contributing too!

      • Thanks Ralph, those are exciting news for all of us!
        But I have to say that this would never have been possible without your numerous posts on rsjazz and on jazz.net. They were a ray of hope quite a few times when I was almost about to give up 😉

      • Thanks, but I am quite sure that I, at best, got you guys going. Maybe I helped here and there. I did a lot of java stuff, sure.

        But all the widget work you guys did is just phantastic! Thanks for sharing!

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