Running The RTC 4.x Extensions Workshop With RTC 5.0.x

Since the new 5.0 version of Rational Team Concert and the CLM tools is out now, would the Rational Team Concert 4.x Extensions Workshop still work with this version?

The short answer is: Yes!

* Update * The error described below can be fixed. See the update in the description.

I just quickly tested if the Rational Team Concert 4.x Extensions Workshop works with the newest release 5.0 and I was able to successfully smoke test it. The same applies to newer versions of RTC.

To test if it still works, I performed Lab 1 completely. The new setup tool introduced recently ran like a charm and this was successful.

I then ran Lab 2 and finally Lab 5 with the complete code accepted. All labs worked as advertised. I would not expect any surprises in Lab 6 (except the normal issues when trying to deploy).


As there are some things that I notice that are different from the 4.x versions. I will summarize them here.

After setting up the SDK an error shows up in some of the project explorers. The error looks like below in the project explorer:

ExternalPluginError_1It seems to be an issue with the build path if one looks at the details:

ExternalPluginError_2I can’t remember having seen this in the past. Initially it only seems to come into the way when launching and does not seem to have any ill effects. Unfortunately it prevents refactoring operations.

To get around it, when launching, use this dialog to skip this issue:

ExternalPluginError_SkipIf you check the ‘Always launch without asking’ option, be a ware that this could be problematic if your own code has errors as well.

* Update *

To get rid of this error you can delete the folder resources in the SDK folder installs/rtc-sdk/plugins/ after extracting the SDK.

In the other labs, the only thing that seemed to be different is that the Eclipse password secure storage is getting more persistent. You should probably provide a password, to avoid having to deal with it every time.


So you can run the Rational Team Concert 4.x Extensions Workshop with the current Rational Team concert version 5.0 and it is likely it will run also with later versions.

As always, I hope the code above helps someone out there with extending RTC.


5 thoughts on “Running The RTC 4.x Extensions Workshop With RTC 5.0.x

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  2. Hello Ralph,

    I am using eclipse to develop RTC server side plugins and i want to know how to configure file.
    please help me with this.

    Thanks in advance

    • In the Server launch, see the systems property

      log4j.configuration=file:///${workspace_loc}/RTC Extension Workshop Configuration/conf/jazz/

      It points to the Eclipse project RTC Extension Workshop Configuration which has a file. you can configure log4j there in /conf/jazz/

      • Can you explain me where exactly i should point to in Eclipse.
        i need to configure in plugin.xml.?
        if not when i try to log the exception i am not able to see that log in log file.
        please help me with this.


      • I already did, I think, it is in the workshop configuration project. The Log files should be in one of the folders that are under the Dev1 folder file:///${workspace_loc}/..

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