Jazz In Flight Available @ JazzHub

Is there a place where you can share your cool RTC automation or extension ideas and code? I have discussed this question many times in the past with customers and colleagues. There never was a good answer available. This is about to change now.

JazzHub can be used to develop and share ideas and code with others. As long as it is in Beta, you need to request access sending an e-mail to hub@jazz.net. JazzHub currently provides you a simplified RTC instance in the cloud. You can create projects and collaborate with other users.

The code discussed in the rsjazz – Jazz In Flight blog is now available in the Jazz In Flight project at JazzHub. Once you have access you can get the code. You can also request to join the project and provide your own solutions there too. I am looking forward to see you on JazzHub. I am sure it will be an interesting experience to learn how to use JazzHub best and how to collaborate there.

If you want to run your own JazzHub Project, you can do that too. If it is around RTC or Jazz extensions and automation, please point me to the project and I will add it to my interesting links page.


About rsjazz

Hi, my name is Ralph. I work for IBM and help colleagues and customers with adopting the Jazz technologies.
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4 Responses to Jazz In Flight Available @ JazzHub

  1. Guido Schneider says:

    Hi Ralph,

    I started my own Project to share some code to the community. Maybe others like to participate in this ideas. See

    schneidg | JAM @ jazzhub

    happy coding

  2. KK says:

    Being a Jazz.net user is sufficient to join this Jazz Hub project? or is this only for IBM employees?

    Thanks for the great work so far

    • rsjazz says:


      please go to https://hub.jazz.net/ and follow the instructions for access. As far as I know you have to join/register JazzHub to be able to access source code. I had to add an access code because it is still in beta. You can request the code via e-mail if necessary.

      Once you have access you can access source code, even if you are not a member of the project, I think (just tried it somewhere else) as long as the project is public. I think you have to be member of the project to submit code.

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