Meet Us at Innovate 2013

We are presenting at Innovate 2013 in Orlando, Florida, meet us there!

My team will be attending and presenting at Innovate 2013 in Orlando, Florida, June 2-6.

Rosa Naranjo published all the activities of my team in her blog. Here some details on my schedule.

Jim Ruehlin, Jorge Diaz and I will deliver the CLM Process Enactment Workshop Tuesday June 4th (3pm-6pm). This hands-on workshop, based on the Process Enactment Workshop for the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management 2012 is all about doing process enactment. We will guide you through describing and defining your development process with Rational Method Composer, publishing it to Rational Team Concert. In Rational Team Concert (RTC), you will then use the built in capabilities to customize the process further, adjust workflows, add custom attributes, modify work item editor presentations and adjust the process to your needs. In the last sections you will learn how to customize your work Item’s attributes to reflect the need for your business based on declarative customization and (if time permits) Java Script.

On Thursday, June 6th (8:30-9:30 am) Jorge Diaz and I will present All You Need to Know About Customizing RTC to provide you with a comprehensive view on what you can do to customize Rational Team Concert. We will introduce how process enactment in RTC really works, what the concepts are, what to do and what to avoid. We will also guide you through the current capabilities to customize Rational Team Concert Work Items. We will provide you with insight about what can be done in this area, how to best address it and how to decide on the easiest possible approach. This includes understanding where the limits are and which more complex options are available. What can you do within the tool UI, what can you do with JavaScript and when do you have to extend the tool using Java.

Fariz Saracevic and I will talk to you about IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management Solution Deployment Tips and Tricks Thursday, June 6th (11am-12am). This talk is all about how to get started with deploying the CLM solution, what to pay attention to when planning, things you need to consider for upgrading and the like.

Tox published the bios of the members of our team attending Innovate 2013 and Rosa where you are likely to find us. If you happen to be at Innovate in Orlando, try to meet us. We will be around and the easiest way to locate us will be joining one of our workshops and presentations. I am looking forward to meet you during these most interesting days in the year 2013!


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