Interesting Links and Maintenance on rsjazz

Due to our efforts to prepare for Innovate 2013 in Orlando in June, I was not really able to publish new content about Rational Team Concert and Extensibility this month. I have several interesting topics in my backlog, I intent to post soon, so stay tuned.

However, no new posts does not mean nothing happened. It is quite surprising how much effort it can take to maintain the content of a blog if you don’t consider it throw away content. I don’t intent this blog to be that type of blog and put a lot of time in maintenance.

I typically add * Update * as an indicator for important new information added. So, even if you have read the content of my blog posts, please be aware that they change over time and it is likely new information is added.

If you find issues with the posts, please leave a comment so that I can enhance them over time. Please be specific if you have issues and provide a clear description of the issue you have and where. This is very important to help me to recognize your comments as important – and distinguish them from the occasional spam posts that slip the very effective spam filters implemented by WordPress.

Thanks for the great feedback so far and keep it coming.


About rsjazz

Hi, my name is Ralph. I work for IBM and help colleagues and customers with adopting the Jazz technologies.
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