About this blog

This blog is all about Jazz and especially RTC. Since I waited so long with starting this blog there is a lot of content on my hard drive and I hope to be able to provide some value to the reader. The first posts will be around extending Rational Team concert and some small things I found over time.


About rsjazz

Hi, my name is Ralph. I work for IBM and help colleagues and customers with adopting the Jazz technologies.
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5 Responses to About this blog

  1. acodring says:

    Thanks for all your efforts on the forum Ralph. I’m looking forward to more of your insights and have added this to my Jazz feeds.

  2. Philippe says:

    Welcome to the blogospere, Ralph… We were waiting for you (and your posts !)… 😉

  3. aravind says:

    I want to create Deployment Request and Package Request in RTC automatically through java client api’s….could you plz help me out with this

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